The sight, the sounds, the spectacle, all the sensations they will remember well beyond the trip home. All those details you didn’t have to worry about, stress over, check, and then re-check. Or forget. Details are our specialty and its what we’ve been doing for over 20 years.

live events planning

Live = something with life. Event = something out of the ordinary. That’s a good start. But what if you went a little farther. What if you left everyone saying, “Magical!” and “Unexpected!”. What if you said, “That went exactly as we planned.” That’s the experience talking.

corporate events planning

It starts with an insight and an idea that lead to a partnership and a plan. Then we translate your brand and your goals into an event that will knock their socks off. All while leaving your budget (and your socks) securely in place.

corporate success planning

It takes more than a tip of the hat to reward big accomplishments. It takes heart. If you want to recognize the true value of team success, and inspire an encore performance, nothing says it better than an electrifying event created just for them.

events logistics

From an intimate conference to an arena spectacle to a simultaneous, multi-city production for fifty thousand, we think you’ll find that our experience at creating “the experience” also creates confidence.

storytelling events planning

For as long as there’s been language, humans have been moved by the power of storytelling. If you have a brand, and your brand has a message, then you have a story to tell. And by the way, we’ve been telling these stories for 20 years.

social mobile live events

Start with the natural desire for people to connect. Next integrate their mobile device into your live event. Now what do you have? You might say that now you have them in your pocket. Because they hold a more individualized, more personal, and more powerful experience.

events media

Technology in service of the immersive experience. Whatever the screen size, whatever the configuration, we make your point in ultra-high definition, bigger than life, and in a way that’s attention getting, motivating, and unforgettable. We create the experience, and the message, that last. 

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