A Successful Corporate Year-End Event

For event planners, it is once again that time of the year: corporate year-end events. These are undoubtedly the most important events of the year for most companies. It is the chance to ‘wow’ clients as thanks for support and to show appreciation for their hardworking staff. They want to be amazed, sitting in their seats with their jaws on the floor, eyes sparkling with wonder. Here at Zoom 7, we pride ourselves with creating awe-inspiring events, which can be exactly what your company wants at this year’s end.

But how do we do it?



Get a jump-start on your event planning.

We start to plan in advance. Many event planners leave it until a few weeks before the scheduled event. This is no bueño. We want your event to stand out from the crowd and be the one event of the year that your clients are most looking forward to.


The fireworks are about to explode!

Build the anticipation surrounding the event. Positioning the event is key. Show clients and yours staff that the event will knock their socks off.


A wine-tasting is a sophisticated, intimate affair.

Try a more intimate approach. Smaller venues create a more personal experience. So try a luncheon, a wine-tasting or high-tea; these will help facilitate brand acknowledgment and avoid any embarrassing situations that could arise with a larger venue.


Rock out at a concert ,and have a great time!

The number one thing guests want from a corporate year-end function? A chance to relax and have a good time. To let their hair down, so to speak. It should be a celebration, not a three-hour presentation on the company’s success. The focus should be on the clients (the guests).


Bright neons make the venue POP!

Event décor is an integral part of the experience. The past few years have seen corporate events evolve from drab to fab. Guests now expect to be impressed the moment they walk through the doors until the moment the event ends. So use bold colors, drape the walls in silk, or utilize extravagant lighting techniques. We’ll help make your end-of-year event the talk of the town. For the latest and greatest ideas on event décor, check out RSVP’s The Ultimate Guide to Event Décor 2014.